The Fitness Industry's Most Effective Free-Lead Systems For $6,800 Only $1
Your Ultimate 14-Channel Marketing System To Ensure Quality Clients Fly At You From Every Direction
What's Included:

7 External Client-Getting Systems

1. Magic Reactivation Letters ($500)

Send this one letter to reactive past clients (high-converting sales letter included!)

2. Brand Ambassadors ($400)

How to set up Human Walking Proof, a team of brand ambassadors that actively refer people to you each month (if they don't hit KPI's they suffer!)

3. Private Listings Mastery ($250)

How to suck new clients from Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree & Craigslist

4. Joint Venture Explosion ($500)

The key to quick and massive scaling by leapfrogging off other businesses

5. Local Business Injector ($600)

Business Referrals: Forget lead boxes, do this for REAL results!

6. Shopping Safari ($200)

How to get PAID to run a FREE grocery shopping event (and turn them into clients)

7. Public Hero #1 ($700)

Public Hero #1: How to get featured in local media publications for FREE, for instant authority, social proof, and sends swarms of local people your way...

PLUS These 7 Referral Systems

8. 5x Multiplier ($150)

How to turn 1 new client into 5, right upon signup!

9. Shock & awe packages ($500)

The key to woo'ing new clients & integrating into their everyday life, so you're the talk of the town!

10. Monthly Referral Letters ($300)

Send these every month to persuade clients to hand you more clients on a silver platter (high-converting sales letter provided!)

11. Client-Referral Toolbelt ($250)

Monthly Reports - Remove the AWKWARDness of referring & give your clients TOOLS to send referrals, every week! 

12. Client Of The Month ($300)

Client Of The Month Competition: Nothing like some friendly competition to drive referrals, is there?

13. Bring A Friend Week ($300)

Bring A Friend Week (This one is so simple you'll be kicking yourself for never doing it!)

14. Social Media Virality ($650)

Brand Ambassador Program - How to create clients determined to post you EVERYWHERE! This one tool ALONE is worth it...
14 Systems Total value: $5,850

BONUS #1: Ideal Client Builder $300

Talk to everyone and you talk to none.
After completing this training and working through the material, you will have a complete understanding of your highly targeted ideal client, and have the material required to attract them with most profit and success.

BONUS #2: High Converting Sales Letters $650

Don't spend $10,000 hiring a talented copywriter, just swipe these ones!
Use them to win back old clients and attract dozens of referrals, every single month!
Total Package value: $6,800
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If you implement even just HALF these strategies and don't close at least 5 clients within 3 months, get your $1 back ;)
Meet David.
David Clarke lives in Brisbane Australia, and is the owner of DC Fitness and Remedial Therapy.
"Prior to discovering Riley we were really struggling. Working full time, our monthly revenue was just breaking $1,400 per month. After so long in the industry we had no choice but to shut down the business and my dream of allowing my wife to leave her full-time job would be over... Or so we thought.

By some miracle what Riley had me do actually produced results!

I have worked with 2 different 'Fitness business coaches' prior to Riley, you probably even know of them, but they were nothing but complete wastes of time and money!"
"Personally, I think the difference is Riley isn't a business coach. Instead, he focuses all efforts on flooding in cash FAST and EFFICIENTLY. I've never come across anyone like him."
"I still remember exactly 6 days after first talking to Riley, hands trembling with excitement, I typed a message sharing what had just happened... More than 40 new leads came in and I converted 13 of them instantly! I've since expanded to employing my first trainer with a second in the works, and taking home more than $6,500/m... Huge step up from $1,400!

When Riley told me he was going to give away Generation 14 for just $1 I nearly died. I don't know how he does it, but Riley's a genius. You have to follow him."
"Why only $1?"
We both know it - The industry is full of rubbish. So this trust-building exercise is designed to give you real results.
You're going to enter your credit card details, pay the $1, go through this training, and be ASTOUNDED with the huge return you see... THEN you'll come back begging for more and I'll finally make some cash too.
See, I actually LOSE money (to admin & marketing fees) every time you purchase - So it's in my best interest to make this amazing!

People have been paying $1,500-$4,500 to learn these strategies, but now i'm giving it to you for $1 (Don't tell them... lol) - All I ask is you return the goodwill later!
Imagine being able to PLUG AND PLAY one of these systems, generate a massive response, and close new clients.

Then replicating that with 13 more simultaneously! All from a single $1 you program you bought...

All wins are worth celebrating, like these Coaches...

Backed By Our No-BS 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you implement even just HALF these strategies and don't close at least 5 clients within 3 months, get your money back. Yep... The full $1 ;)
If you're like me, you don't read everything... So here's the deal:
I've taken what people are paying a minimum of $2,500+ to learn, packaged it into some blueprints, templates & training, and am now giving it away to you for ONE FRICKEN DOLLAR.
All I ask in return for this no BS money-making content is you implement, get amazing results, and then come back for more :)
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